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1 strip isi 10 tablet
1 kotak isi 3 strip = 30 caps

Samylin has a unique formulation which promotes optimal liver health. Provided in a complete range of breed-size specific tablets and sachets, its unique ingredients help to aid liver function and neutralise free radicals.

Samylin is made to a trusted formula to support the liver in a range of functions, for example to support the liver when it is processing medication

Samylin comes in either sachets or tablets. Your vet may advise you which is better for your pet, or you may find your pet prefers one over the other.

Tablets must be given whole and should not be broken. The granules in sachets can be mixed with food or water.

Weight Recommendation
Under 5kg. > 1 Small Breed
5-10kg. > 2 Small Breed
11-20kg. > 1 Medium Breed
21-30kg. > 2 Medium Breed
31-40kg. > 2 Large Breed
41-50kg. > 3 Large Breed

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Dimensi 5 × 5 × 5 cm


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